April Fools Prank or NOT ???????????????????????? Iraqi Dinar Revalues 1:1000!
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Thread: April Fools Prank or NOT ???????????????????????? Iraqi Dinar Revalues 1:1000!

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    April Fools Prank or NOT ???????????????????????? Iraqi Dinar Revalues 1:1000!

    Worldwide Celebrations as Iraqi Dinar Revalues 1:1000!

    Posted on 01 April 2012. Tags: IQD, iraqi dinar, re-denomination, re-valuation, Redenomination, revaluation

    Just as the dinar speculators predicted, Iraq has re-valued its currency 1000-fold, making dollar-millionaires of ordinary folk from Anbar to Arkansas!
    The unprecedented 100,000% revaluation was welcomed by businesses all across the world, who saw nothing strange about paying $1,000 today for something that was priced at $1 yesterday. At the stroke of a pen, foreign companies now pay their cleaning staff in Iraq more than they pay board-level directors back at home.
    Dozens of investors in America partied the night away, as news of their windfall came through.
    Billy Bob, from Alabama, exclaimed: I knew it would happen, just like the Lord said it would! When asked why he only invested $1,000 if he knew it would revalue, he declined to comment.
    Peggy Sue, of Butte, Montana, said:
    Wooo hooo!!! I knew if I just said Go RV! one more time on an internet forum that it would somehow make it all come true you just have to believe hard enough!

    Asked what she would do with her gains, she replied:
    Im re-investing. Cousin Cletus buys his bait from the same guy as a director of Goldman Sachs, and he said that one day these rocks he sold me will turn into gold. I know its a long-shot, but the upside is so large its worth gambling on, and Im only going to give him what I can afford to lose, and take a long-term view, so that makes sense, right? Hey, Im an investor, and investors take risks, and Id just hate myself if I missed a golden opportunity like that. Go rocks!!
    An Iraqi government official told us off the record:
    Its so obvious, with hindsight we should have done it sooner. All we had to do to be richer was to say the currency is now worth 1,000 times more, and everyone would be willing to pay 1,000 times more for it. I mean, wouldnt you?
    But one dinar seller, who asked not to be named, said:
    Im devastated! If I really thought this was going to happen, do you think Id have sold dinars at the old price? What sort of an idiot was I!
    Meanwhile, a special sitting of the United Nations General Assembly has been called to discuss this unprecedented shift in global power.


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    I think with all of the unrest in iraq and people putting false news on the enternet is shows that this rv won/t happen until all this silly crap stops and they get mk out of power and get someone with brains in charge.and that may take a year or so. Now the person that put the april fools joke on the enternet should be taken out back and tought a lesson.

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    All they need is film of the boys hand fishing to go along with it .... some might believe it...... do your own research....know why you got in this........

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