Conflicting views on the National Conference .. Iraq has not made up its mind .. The Presidency emphasizes the schedule

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01.04.2012 0:00

BAGHDAD / future Iraqi
conflicting views and comments about the National Conference to be held on the fifth of April of the current month, as it took place the statements of many around him, and the sounds louder, saying that the Iraqi List, will not attend the meeting, matched by more votes that the list is Iraq going to attend a national conference to resolve differences , especially after the success of the Arab summit that took place in Baghdad, the twenty-ninth of last month. MP of the Iraqi Parliament's victory Jubouri says "not yet resolved the Iraqi List, ordered her to attend the National Conference, due to the delay date for the conference, and because of the desire of the Iraqi to hold a national conference before that held the Arab summit in Baghdad," she says Jubouri "delay time Conference led to the escalation of situations likely what most likely not to attend the Congress the Iraqi List, the national meeting. " Corresponds to an MP for the cluster white high Nassif said Jubouri that "the Iraqi List, will not turn now to hold a national conference because the intention primarily was the failure of the conference or send messages to the countries of the region that Iraq is politically weak or there is a component basis marginalized but this letter did not receive from the region to this the summit, although some Arab leaders have responded with some of these signals. " According to Nassif to the Iraqi List, I tried to impede the atmosphere Summit, saying that "we received information indicating that the Iraqi List, brought the letters to Arab countries, particularly the Gulf states as well as several messages sent to the President of the Arab League, Nabil el-Arabi, indicate a need put the internal political crisis in the summit to break Tlassmha, but after failing these efforts the Iraqi threat to withdraw from the national conference, "The Nassif that Iraq has become take the dictates of Foreign Affairs to block the path of the Iraqi government" and gives clear evidence that the Iraqi List takes the dictates and the movement of nations regional presence of the godfather of the list, Khamis dagger, the largest in Turkey in support of the Iraqi list, "according to Nassif. The Kurdistan Alliance MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim confirms that the National Congress will not take place because of political differences between the blocks is very large, saying he was "more useful, more useful and the interest of the Iraqi people to hold a national conference before the Arab summit conference in order to give a picture of the two conferences that Iraq, despite the differences of all Agreed on the national interest, "explaining that" despite the fact that President Jalal Talabani, select a date to hold a national conference on the fifth day of April but it has not been confirmed to take place or not, "noting that" the Iraqi List, has announced that it would not attend the National Conference unless points is performed and its demands. " The MP said in Parliament that "the National Congress is necessary because the distance and estrangement between the political blocs creates a large gap and in-depth specifically with the Iraqi List and the National Alliance, which entered with them now on a wire differences Kurdistan Alliance, on the grounds that there are political differences and management with the federal government." The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani accused the state of law and its leader, Prime Minister of trying to build a new dictatorships, stressing that the Kurds will not accept after today continue in the manufacture of dictatorship and autocracy whatever it costs them the price as he put it. In this regard, see the MP high Nassif said that "the Kurdish side was live on contradictions between the Arab component - Shiites and Sunnis - and achieves his goal of political, through the gains obtained, but the failure of this paper and the result of withdrawals received by people in the Iraqi List, and as a result of the awareness of the Iraqi street and Sunni, that its leaders are turning to more positions of the concerns of the street, the agenda of the Kurdish leaders and the agenda of the leaders in the Iraqi Kurdish consistent with the scheme that attempts to weaken the central government. " For his part, is the MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, that the situation of the Iraqi List, some conditions for attending the National Conference aims to obtain concessions, stressing that the coalition refuses to establish the conditions, underlining at the same time that the remainder of the terms of the Arbil introduced on the agenda of the conference. Bayati said that "the statements by some members of the Iraqi List, on County National Congress in case it is not research agreements Arbil, an attempt to raise the ceiling on demands and concessions from the other side," stressing that "the coalition can not accept preconditions from any block for attending the National Conference because it leads to abortion of the project is in its infancy. " He said, adding that the coalition "pleased by appealing to the Constitution and would not interfere in the judiciary." And paid all of these conflicting statements, which do not give a single piece of evidence on the presence of the Iraqi National Congress, or lack of it, and at the same time does not provide indication of easing the political crisis on the fifth of this month, or the gap between the political blocs will increase says a spokesman for the state of law Alfalh "Relations with Kurds are excellent and was overcome the crisis and there is the insistence of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance in coordination at the highest level for a national meeting, as soon as possible. So far we have not heard an opinion formally Iraq should be no presence, "adding," The failure to resolve the Iraqi ordered her to attend the conference or not does not mean It Stqatah. and we know that Iraq continues to this matter has not notified the President of the Republic other than this, and will use the great success of the Arab summit and achievement the joint government of national partnership in payment positively to resolve all matters and to hold a national meeting successful under the roof of the Constitution. "