Political coalition: {Iraqi deputies and law and national levels to join our coalition!
Saturday, March 31 / March 2012 14:14

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates Secretary General of the Sons of Iraq, the coalition of those who care about Abbas Muhammadawi that 6 deputies from the different parliamentary blocs to join his coalition will announce soon.

He explained in a press statement received by the Euphrates {News} a copy of it today that the "four deputies from the Iraqi List, will announce by the dissidents, as well as a representative for a coalition of state law and a deputy for the National Alliance."

The Muhammadawi that "the dissidents will announce their joining a coalition those who care about the people of Iraq."

He did not mention the names of Muhammadawi of Representatives to find out that the health of the news.

The Muhammadawi was one of the characters that belong to the Iraqi and split them and does not have in his coalition, called the "Sons of Iraq, those who care about" any deputy ended m