MP Nassif: Iraq expected Kuwait strengthen its sincere intentions and resolve outstanding files
Date: Saturday, 31-03-2012 08: 30 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... She was Deputy/cluster white/high Nassif Iraq hoped to strengthen the initiative of the Emir of Kuwait Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber, who attended the Summit Baghdad, by expediting the resolution of outstanding issues between the two countries.

Nassif said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Saturday: the presence of the Emir of Kuwait to participate in the work of the Summit Arabic in Baghdad a positive message for the Iraqi people is a glimmer of hope to open a new page in relations between the two countries.

She added: the Government and the people of Iraq from Kuwait are expected to strengthen its sincere intentions and strive to resolve outstanding issues between the two countries in accordance with the law and from the principle of good-neighbourliness and common interests.

Explained: we also hope of the States of the region to interact with Iraqi issues outstanding between Iraq and the files and some neighbouring States and deal with them positively, as well as to Arab Street and the Iraqi Street awaiting decisions on the application of Arabic Summit, especially after the success of Iraq's effort to both internal and external./finished/d/s.