Rule of law and hold the Iraqi "Rehearsal," a recent National Conference

3.31.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

BAGHDAD / menopausal Hossam Sam - term intensify the political blocs internal meetings in order to prepare for the National Conference to be held on Thursday, at the time emphasized the Sadrist movement to both sides of the political crisis (Iraqi List, and a coalition of state law) are not serious in resolving their differences, and that "movement" will enter the upcoming meeting as an intermediary does not have the demands of looking for solutions.

State of Law coalition confirmed readiness to fight in the National Congress, and that he expected the other party (Iraqi) commitment to its obligations. MP Ali Alfalh said in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, "Behold, the Commission completed Preparatory its agenda and submitted to President Jalal Talabani .. All the arguments of Iraq has ended, and they meet what been discharged by entering into the National Congress. "

And on the readiness of his coalition to meet with prospective explained Alfalh "We are ready, and we have nothing to prevent us from finding solutions with partners by inviting the President .. time propaganda media blank over and began the real test and the opponents passing. " the Iraqi List, is the other seemed encouraged for the sake of the national conference, expected to attend its leader, Iyad Allawi, to the meeting.

A member of the negotiating team for the list Ziad worldwide abolition told (range) yesterday, "We first called the National Conference and therefore we will attend strongly Thursday and Samthelna Allawi or his representative .. will not stop at the recommendations that will come out as it was previously unknown, we want today, a practical application of the commitments."

Contrary to the view of the liabilities in the political process, the Sadrist movement, ruled out the existence of a real intention to resolve the political crisis, revealing letting go of all demands at the national conference.

The Sadrist lawmaker Jawad Hasnawi that his movement does not want to gain from the upcoming meeting, he said in an interview with the (range) yesterday, "we will enter the conference National As a broker we seek to bridge the gap in views between the parties .. do not want to gain the tendency after the day we left the office for them, either Matgulwna Snkrjhm General Amnesty Law, we are looking for reform in the management of the State of Iraq after the withdrawal of occupation forces. "

And the possibility of convergence of views between the Iraqi and the State of The leader of the Sadrist law "there is no intention to resolve the crisis, both want the overthrow of the other and monopolize power .. They talk about the law and partners, but they do not adhere to the spirit of the Constitution and make exclusion approach them."

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