Financial: We are committed to pay the salaries of employees and retirees on schedule


~ BAGHDAD - My Day
Said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Fadel Prophet, on Sunday, the ministry's obligation to pay retirees and employees Bmeidha specific salaries, as pointed out that the economic crisis in the country will not affect the payment of salaries mechanism.

The MP said the National Alliance nostalgia Qaddo in a press statement: that House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, and the leaders of the political blocs met, with officials of the Ministry of Finance,

including the administrative agent of the ministry Fadel prophet to discuss the economic situation and the mechanism of state employees salaries,

noting that the Prophet confirmed the ministry's obligation to pay employees and retirees Bmeidha specific salaries,

and that the crisis in the country will not affect the exchange rate mechanism. Qaddo He added that the meeting with finance officials discussed the financial loan to Iraq of the International Monetary Fund, saying that the loan amounted to about six billion dollars is not adjacent interest rate of 2%.