Powers pledged his return to Parliament to prosecute intruders and the instigators


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

He rejected the coalition forces, on Monday, by any political party to impose its will on the political partners on behalf of the protesters, as the Prime Minister called for the recognition of Ptgosairh to protect the legislative institution. The condition of deciding who has to "incitement to break into the parliament and the prosecution of those who contributed to the deliberate sabotage judicially," dismantling of the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary association to protect the Council to attend a parliament session scheduled for Tuesday.

He said coalition forces, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "an alliance of Iraqi forces conducted over the past few days a series of meetings and consultative meetings with a number of heads of blocs and national figures were focused on breaking into the House of Representatives practical and serious repercussions on the political and security already tense Iraq situation ".

He said the coalition that "in the time that affirm our commitment to comprehensive reform approach and basically desired to change and to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Iraqi people and patient to live in security, peace and dignity, and our faith in the right to freedom of peaceful demonstration which is guaranteed by the Constitution, we renew our firm rejection of the establishment of any political party to impose its will on the political partners as the demonstrators to achieve partisan agendas involving real threats to Iraq's unity, security, independence and future generations and opens wide the doors for more foreign interference in Iraqi affairs. "

And demanded coalition forces and Prime Minister of the "regarded as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to recognize Ptgosairh to protect the legislative institution," adding that "the storming of the House of Representatives and the attack on a number of its members and its staff and tampering with his possessions is a serious violation of the Constitution and the law and is dropped to the prestige of the state and abuse of unintended legislative institution in an attempt to delegitimize the highest elected authority of the people is the only legitimate representative of him. "

He stressed the Alliance of Iraqi forces in his statement that he "would not attend the next meeting of the House of Representatives only after deciding who has instigating the events that caused the deliberate destruction of the House of Representatives and the pursuit of the so judicially and take disciplinary action against the instigators and participants of Representatives in this business."

And demanded coalition forces to "ensure the protection of the House of Representatives Foundation by specialized force able to cope with any emergency dismantling of the security and defense committee parliamentary association to protect the Council re the matter to the boss as stipulated by the rules in Article 34, paragraph eight, to reach understandings between the political parties on the crisis recent reforms on the subject of the ministerial amendment. "

Alliance and stressed that "the mass of the Iraqi coalition forces would continue their consultations and dialogues with other parties in order to mature solution leading to the return of the healing of the parliamentary sessions in a safe position preserves the prestige of the Parliament and its legitimacy and ensures the deputies practice their profession freely."

In this context, the Information Office of the Speaker of Parliament, denied the existence of a special force to protect the legislative institution, noting that the current regiment protection follows the presidency of the Army Staff. The office said in an explanatory statement on the regiment to protect the House of Representatives that, "a number of news recently raised regarding the Regiment to protect the House of Representatives and the decision to change it after the recent events in the Council."

He said the Office of the Speaker of Parliament that "there is no special protection force a legislative institution (parliamentary police) so far," he said, adding that "the current protection regiment follows the Army Chief of Staff."

He Parliament in his statement, saying that "no force to protect the House of Representatives must be replaced Reza Council presidency and parliamentary blocs and fit in with the nature of the work of the House of Representatives in accordance with the controls and the contexts in force in the presidents and ministers."

He said the Office of the Speaker of Parliament that "any talk of change or replace the protection force the House of Representatives is a precautionary measure taken by the Presidency of the Council to ensure the security and protection of the House of Representatives," pointing out that "the orders and directions concerning the maintenance of security restricted only under the chairmanship of the Council."

Furthermore, the Department of Information apologized in the House of Representatives, for the reception of the media in the press center during this period until the completion of the maintenance and rehabilitation.

He confirmed the Department of Information, "it continues to broadcast council sessions on the general frequency (Paul), and the dissemination of all the activities of the Presidency and the esteemed members, in addition to the publication of the work and activities of the committees and the blocks on the official website of the Council." .