Close to Maliki reveals the "most dangerous" Ten corrupted files belonging to the Municipality of Baghdad .

Friday, March 30 / March 2012 12:56 .

Twilight News / shown to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, on Friday, surprised the position of the Iraqi judiciary with respect to some corrupt files, Villa confirmed that it deported more than two files to the Integrity Commission, pointed out that the "most dangerous" Ten Melvad corruption dating back to the secretariat of Baghdad.

A member of the Integrity Committee cult's " Twilight News "," We have to put Mstgrbun corrupted files and important documents enhanced uncertain evidence in front of the Iraqi judiciary is not to decide it. "

He added that "These files are huge contracts belong to the Secretariat of Baghdad, a well-defined Boukrogaha and the size of the great corruption in it."

Inquired Waeli who is close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about the "lack of clear results and definitive of the judiciary on these contracts," and wondered "when in court to prove a clear forgery, embezzlement, and the size of the amounts spent on projects is almost nothing, why thin the judge of this matter and prevent the case to the administrative investigation, which may be long to a year or two? "

He noted "the existence of the release of detainees being corruption issues in ways that do not fit properly is the extent of corruption, and that the methods used in the release of the accused is not satisfactory and convincing."

He Waeli that "the Integrity Committee in the Parliament left more than two files to the Integrity Commission, ten of which belong to the Municipality of Baghdad, one of the most serious corruption files."

He said that "most of these files are still ranged on the offices of the Integrity Commission and the judiciary and that there is a payment and extension of some of the issues for a long time, and there are systems of impenetrable spoilers or defiance."

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