State law: the political situation in need of a broader agreement to Arbil

Friday, March 30 / March 2012 12:39

Twilight News / mass confirmed the rule of law, on Friday, the implementation of most of the terms of the Arbil, noting that the political situation of Iraq need to be broader agreement to resolve all the problems that are not contained.

The MP said the state law Jawad Albzona for " Twilight News "that" many of the terms of the Erbil that have been agreed upon between the blocks when I met in Erbil and sponsored by Massoud Barzani, has been implemented. "

He added that "the Iraqi government was the result of the Convention and formed on its basis, and there are politicians from the government's income by the present Convention after it lifted the mop."

He Albzona that "the National Council for the strategic policies, which was formed to agree on its provisions do not agree with the spirit of the Iraqi constitution and that was the reason for not voting on it."

He Albzona that "the situation of the Iraqi political agreements need to be wider of the Convention on Arbil to solve all the problems that are not fit on the table, including the problems of Arbil province and the center and oil and gas law and other laws."

He stressed that "the requirement of state law not be postponed any problem because it is possible to open at any time and cause a political crisis," stressing "the Iraqi constitution, reference and display all the agreements and taking it in line with him and ask what exclusion."

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