Deputy: House to hold a Congress in upcoming 4 advancement reality investment country
Date: Thursday, 29-03-2012 08: 43 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Economic Committee member revealed on/National Alliance MP Abdul Abbas sheyaa on calling the President of the national investment Commission and directors of national bodies to invest in the provinces, an investment conference at the headquarters of the fourth House from next April, to discuss, among other issues important to the advancement of Iraq's investment reality.

Sheyaa said (News Agency news) on Thursday: there will be a conference under the auspices of the Presidency of the House of representatives to discuss all issues concerning investment in Iraq, to find out the reasons for the low investment movement in the country, and know the constraints that hinder the work of investors and the search for solutions to promote investment reality.

He added: the issue of land allocation and granted to investors is one of the major constraints to the development of the investment process in Iraq, adding to the delayed delivery of investment leaves.

And between sheyaa: parliamentary Committee for economy and investment will be the subject of expanding the powers of provincial investment bodies if necessary and helps to promote investment, we will give full validity of bodies, and amending the law on investment and knowledge passages which hinder the work of investors.

Economy Committee member stated: his investment representative with expanded powers of the provinces, but in return you must know how the vision and strategy of the provincial bodies and their capacity to promote the investment process in Iraq./finished/8. d/s.