Iraq: The success of the Summit is linked to results and four international organizations be attended .

Wednesday, March 28 / March 2012 19:28 .

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Twilight News / Iraqi Government indicated, on Wednesday, to the success of the Arab summit in the twenty-third of Baghdad is linked to the results that emerge from the political, noting that the method based on the push for confrontation with the Syrian regime will lead to painful consequences of her puppies will be affected and the entire region.

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in an interview with Channel Russia Today I have seen " Twilight News "that" The main thing is the preparation of political for the Arab summit twenty-third in Baghdad, Its success is linked to the political outcome the outcome of the then technical matters which make the Iraq effort large and there are groups working to provide security matters for delegations since their arrival to the moment of departure. "

He added that "Syria will not participate at all in the summit and there are 21 Arab countries will attend, including Iraq and some presidents will attend and there is a representation of some countries by the Prime Minister there is also a representative at the parliament and parliamentary, and that Iraq would welcome all the delegates."

Dabbagh said that "any non-Arab state or non-Arab president will not be invited as usual in some of the previous summits," adding that "there are 4 organizations will attend the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Conference and the African Union and European Union."

And between al-Dabbagh said, "There are 10 files in theory but in practice there are 4 will be discussed here and the priority of Syria in the negotiation and dialogue to try to stop access to offset the waste of blood and the Arab initiative will be the cornerstone."

Dabbagh said that "Iraq is not with the Syrian regime, but looking for the equation of stability achieved, because the way that depends on the shipping and payment towards the confrontation will lead to painful consequences and the juniors will be affected the entire region."

Skinner expressed his desire "to reach the vision with the Arab brothers achieved what you want the Arab League, but we do not have the special initiative, stressing that" Iraq's position is clear in this regard, we have our interests and we know what we want. "

He pointed out that "the plan the UN envoy and the Arab League to Syria joint Kofi Annan is not far from the Arab initiative could be adopted and the way in which does not depart from the framework of the Arab peace initiative can not be different from the approach of the file Syrian Arabs."

Ali al-Dabbagh said that "Iraq support the Syrian people, and emphasizes the need for radical change in the government system but without the intervention of Iraq at that."

Dabbagh said that "military intervention in the Syrian situation will ignite the fire, and that the first fire of Sttalh that Iraq is in addition to all the countries of the region."

Iraq had previously announced the completion of all preparations to host the summit, the twenty-third, and that the Preparatory Committee for the Arab foreign ministers devoted a hub to support Iraq after the transformations that took place at home to change the dictatorship and the transition to democracy, making the summit a message to the Arab leaders need to re- Iraq to the Arab world and his need to Arab investments.

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