Sadr accused the political parties to «obstruct» the parliament and vote on the government of technocrats

24/4/2016 Post Views: 6

BAGHDAD / new evidence
Accused cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a political limbs b »obstruct» the convening of the parliament session to implement reforms to change the minister and the formation of cabins Altknuaqrat.oukal chest that «there is a political limbs do not want the parliament on the one hand, and do not want to deliver the number of votes required number so as not to get to the required reforms popularly »He added that al-Sadr« Hpetkm and Tzahrkm demonstration Magdy Rady Strabhm, it will make them compelled to convene parliament and vote in full transparency and freedom of the people to know who is reluctant to vote through a public meeting ». The head of parliament article Saleem al-Jubouri announced that the House will resume its meetings this week, noting that what is happening in the Iraq crisis and the state of the rule and not the person or office.