This is a GREAT overview... of the truth! 2nd post....
2nd post...

13. Banks will not receive green codes. I am not even going to explain this one, ridiculous, stop listening to them... There is no green, orange, or red lights, blinking or not blinking, flashing banners etc.

14. Banks will not have the RV rates on their "front screens" prior to the official RV. The RV rate will originate with the CBI. That rate info will be "pushed" to all banks who are connected to the FOREX market.

15. The RV rate is NOT (and never will be) "making it's way" through the system. This is not molasses running down a hill, ketchup coming out of a bottle or a game of dominoes where you flick one, and 10 minutes later the last one falls. Electronic information moves at such a high rate of speed it is barely noticeable. Traders have access to rates that adjust within fractions of a second, and so do the banks. Information is virtually instantaneous, the RV rate will post on CBI and milliseconds later will be live around the world. I just read tonight, that it is making its way through the timezones, what a load of crap. The RV will happen and post worldwide just as fast (if not faster) than me hitting the "send" button at the conclusion of this email and it showing up in your inbox.

16. There is no legitimate quiet period of intel that will effect the RV. There is no mastermind behind the RV process calling all these chatroom owners telling them that if they don't shut up and quit talking about the intel, then the RV won't happen. Being an investor for the past couple of years, I have witnesses 3-4 different times that there was some kind of emergency intel/chatroom intel shutdown. Just take 2 seconds and think about this logically... You have a multi-Trillion dollar worldwide economic transformation that a small fraction of the worlds population knows about, and most of those people have a million dinar or less, and SOMEHOW their online bantering and sharing of FALSE rumors and FAKE intel is going to hamper the process!?!?! SERIOUSLY!?!?! We have been told 1000 times how "we were never supposed to know about this in the first place" and now we are somehow holding it up. Iraq doesn't care about you, or what you know, or how much dinar you have, and they certainly could care less about your conference calls and your chatrooms. Drop your ego's guys, you're not that important. Since this just happened AGAIN last week, wait another 4-6 months, and if we don't have an RV, this recycled rumor will come up again, and the sites will shut down for a day or 2, then pop back up again.

17. Neither Obama, China, Aliens or blue space monkeys in hats are stopping the RV. We have been told soooo many times that the RV started, was making it's way through the system, and then was stopped by Obama, China, the Illuminati, black hats, white hats or Shabbibi's ugly red-headed stepchild. These idiots are never going to quit making up lies, so do yourself a favor and ignore them before their stupidity leaks from the screen into your eyeballs and then rots your brain. Once the RV "starts" it is over with and will never go away, never to be hampered by anyone for any reason.

18. There will not be a short 48-72 hour cash-in period. Many articles out there state quite plainly that the small and large denominations will co-exist for 2 years, so don't worry about it.

19. This is not a "currency play". Quit using that terminology, it makes you sound stupid and ignorant.

20. There is no "misinformation" coming out of Iraq to confuse you. The proper terminology is called "lies that idiots tell to make themselves sound important". Whether you knew the exact second of the RV, the day or week of the RV is totally irrelevant to Iraq, they could care less about you and your 1.5 million dinar, nobody is sitting in a Baghdad office thinking of the newest rumor to spread so that you don't know what day the RV is going to take place for your cash-in appointment at Wells Fargo in some no-name town on the outskirts of Alabama. DELETE this thought pattern from your mind.

21. There will be no LOP. Plenty of articles out there now to dispel this stuff about lopping. If you still believe in a lop, sell your dinar back to dinar banker, delete all dinar links and chatrooms from your "favorites" and move on with your life. If you don't think your dinar will be worth more money in the future, there is no reason you should still be holding onto it, so sell it and shut up.

22. There is no drop dead date. Just like there are no windows, there is no drop-dead date.

23. There will not be an RV in 195 countries. This is such stupid and idiotic rumor, I shouldn't even be addressing it. There are only 196 countries in the world, and they all aren't going to RV on the same day. This rumor makes no sense whatsoever. If you want to maek teh argument that post-RV many countries that hold/own dinar will reduce debts and fix certain ailments of their economies and that could potentially be reflected in the value of their currency in a "micro-sense", then yes, that is slightly possible, but NOT in an "RV" sort of way. Use your brain. https://geography.abo...ercountries.htm

If you knew the slightest bit about the banking world and monetary policy, you would know and understand that 99% of the garbage that is posted in these forums and "intel" updates is totally untrue and baseless. These rumors follow cycles, so watch for them. One idiot will make up something stupid like flashing amber lights, back screens blinking green, intel shutdowns, bank packages, ATM machines filling up, broken antennas being fixed etc etc. All the sudden one chatroom/group will discuss the latest "intel", it gets exaggerated, then leaks out to another website, then onto a couple conference calls and is discussed ad-nauseum and is all that people talk about, then a week or 2 or 3 later it fizzles out and disappears and a new jackass shows up out of nowhere and makes up a new batch of "BS stew" and throws it out there and the cycle starts all over again.

I am BEGGING you to quit believing this garbage. Save yourself time, energy, stress, etc. and use your brain. If it doesn't make sense, it's not because these people are smarter than you and you just can't grasp it, it is because it is a pack of lies that aren't supposed to make sense, its all sensationalism and ego with no logic, reason, or accountability.