Talabani receives a special message from his Yemeni counterpart

Ali Aldhargam - 28/03/2012 PM - 9:35 p.m. | Hits: 42


Received by President Jalal Talabani today a special message from the President of the Republic of Yemen Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

He said a presidential statement today that "Talabani received a special message from his Yemeni counterpart Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi during a meeting with Foreign Minister of Yemen Abu Bakr al in Baghdad today . "

He added: "The Minister conveyed the greetings of President Hadi and his wishes of good health and happiness to President Talabani, while the cross-Talabani expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Yemeni President, also expressed his desire for Iraq to develop and strengthen relations with the Republic of Yemen and with other Arab countries and to achieve common goals and interests and enhance the opportunities for cooperation and constructive and progress in the region that is witnessing significant shifts. "

The statement quoted Talabani as saying in his interview with the Minister and the delegation accompanying him that "Iraq, the Government and people, looking forward and working for Iraq to be in the position it deserves, both as a state institution of the League of Arab States or with the available by the potential at the political, economic and human help in completion of this role is hoped, which flows in favor of Arabs as a whole and the region. "

The statement continued that "Talabani said that Iraq policy is now based cooperation and work with everyone without axes or sensitivities, and to enable it to perform its due role in promoting solidarity and joint Arab action, and we hope that everyone will cooperate for these goals that we all seek.

He pointed out that "the Minister Abu Bakr al-through of his warmest congratulations to Iraq, the Government and people for success in the organization of the Arab summit and to prepare excellent her organization significant to note the participating delegations, and now been confirmed to us that there is stability in Iraq, and that this experience will help us hope as we face the challenges in the conditions of terrorism and violence, such as they faced. your success, but agreed to open the hope and reinforced. "

President Talabani and held according to the statement the minister of Yemen, "his greetings and thanks to the President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and his wishes to the Minister and the accompanying delegation a pleasant stay in Baghdad peace."

Iraq is the host of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad tomorrow and gathered the heads of the kings of the Member States of the Arab League, the biggest international political event organized by the country since 2003.

Conference is scheduled for the Arab summit on Thursday after he finished all of the Arab foreign ministers and ministers of finance and economy preparatory meetings for the Arab summit. Ended