Zebari: very satisfied with the level of representation for the Arab summit and Baghdad no less important than the previous Arab summits
Wednesday, March 28 / March 2012 19:2

[Baghdad - where]

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq's satisfaction to the level of Arab representation in the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad on Thursday.

Zebari said during a joint press conference with Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Ben Helli in the capital after a meeting of foreign ministers of the Arabs that "there is talk and criticism took place on the level of representation of the Arab summit in Baghdad, but we confirm that we are very satisfied with the level of representation both at the level of attendance presidents or foreign ministers or ministers of trade and economy, where will the Arabs 10 leaders attended 17 of the Arab foreign ministers. "

And lit the "I, personally, I see through my presence for a number of previous Arab summits that represent the summit of Baghdad, at least the level of representation of the peaks of the former, despite the rumors around this aspect and the most important point is the participation of all Arab countries of twenty-one and we are not upset at all of the representation of any country and we are proud of and respect We are proud of all the representation of any state, and we deal with them on an equal footing with the participating countries. "

A number of Iraqi lawmakers have criticized the low level of representation of the Arab summit in Baghdad.

This meeting was held on Tuesday, the Arab Economic Council, as he wrapped up a meeting on Wednesday and Arab foreign ministers are scheduled to be held on Thursday the Arab summit conference. Ended.