Arab League announces the most prominent items on the agenda of the summit of Baghdad

Date: Thursday, 29.03.2012 7:39

 Baghdad / term
Secretary General of the Arab League, the most prominent items included in the agenda of the Arab summit meeting to be held on Thursday in the capital Baghdad. The Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil in his speech at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers

"We initially renew Iraq's government and people of greeting and appreciation for the hospitality brotherly we have had since our arrival in the capital Baghdad and congratulate Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, under the chairmanship of the meetings of foreign ministers of the Arabs for this session also commend the efforts of his staff Ministerial in their endeavors for the success of the summit."
"It has been customary in Arab summits to review the Secretary-General of the Arab League summit agenda the day before the session at the meeting of Arab foreign ministers where we are today and announce that he will address the seven axes which also includes proposals of member states. " He said the Arab, "The axes of the seven prepared for discussion at the summit of Baghdad, is reading the report of the Secretary-General of the Arab League, which shows where their business for the years ahead and accomplished in the previous round and to discuss the Palestinian issue and Arab - Israeli conflict and to study the Syrian issue and Yemen, Somalia and ways of making the Arab region free of weapons of mass destruction and efforts to combat international terrorism and discuss the draft of the political system of the Arab Parliament. " In conclusion, the Arab renewed praise of Iraq in the proper preparation for the convening of the Arab Summit in Baghdad.
This was launched yesterday, the meetings of foreign ministers of the Arabs in the presence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the receipt of which Iraq chair the meetings of Arab foreign ministers from Libya.
The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has called, ministers of finance and the economy Arabs to "stand in solidarity" for the advancement of the Arab economy, as is the case in the world, with Arab companies invited to participate in the process of reconstruction of Iraq. Maliki said in a speech during his attendance at the Conference of Ministers of Finance and Economy Forum "The Arab situation needs to stand in solidarity for the advancement of its economy, as is the case in the world."
confirming "the existence of confident ability of Arab states to achieve this goal through mutual cooperation and benefit from the wealth ". Maliki stressed that the development of the Arab economy is through a system shared by everyone in the framework of the Arab League, "and that Iraq will be the basis for it," and expressed his hope that "out meeting of the Ministers of Finance and Economy Arabs mechanisms through which the integration of Arab economies."
Maliki confirmed in his word that Iraq is looking forward to the summit of Baghdad, "to be full of tender and face the challenges that stand in the way of our countries, and strengthen relations in all fields, including the terms of the economy." He called on the Iraqi government Arab companies all participate in the process of construction and reconstruction and take advantage of investment opportunities available in Iraq in various fields, "noting that" This call comes out of joint cooperation with the Arab brothers. "
The ministers of finance and economy Arabs have ended their meeting in the Day First summit of Baghdad continued for three days, and the Ministers recommended the adoption of three strategies for water security, tourism, disaster reduction, as they decided to follow up the implementation of the resolutions of the Economic Summits earlier its first session in Kuwait and the second in Sharm el-Sheikh.
The work of the Conference of Ministers of Finance and Economy Arabs began at the Sheraton Hotel the center of Baghdad, on the morning the day before yesterday, in the presence of seven ministers, the rest were deputy ministers and representatives of Arab countries, where peace and Minister of Economy Libyan Ahmed Salim Alkohley of the presidency to Iraqi Trade Minister Khairallah Hassan Babiker, while the contract on Wednesday, (28 March current) Meeting Arab foreign ministers.