Staff officer opposed to Saddam Hussein: Yes, there are "murderers of the Shiites," al-Maliki surrounded, and boost its influence in power?

28.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Mohammed Saad
Posted 28/03/2012 08:14 AM Baghdad, Erbil - "Liberation yards" seemed statement made ​​by the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani about the "killers of Shiites" who surround Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his office and specifically Profile as commander in chief of the armed forces, and broadcast in a television interview with "East News" exciting for a lot of questions about the "killers" who promote through them al-Maliki and his allies have a lot of influence in power? However, the insiders of things military, politicians, parliamentarians and observers, they know he means those officers who are covered by the de-Baathification Maliki's refusal to apply the law to them, their history and extortion "criminal" in exchange for greater security for the personal loyalty of his leadership. Maliki and his officers: more personal loyalty they are by those politicians and parliamentarians, "officers were involved with the forces of the former regime to suppress the popular uprising in the south, and they were racing in the creation of art of murder the citizens of those areas, mostly Shiites, because they said no to the tyranny of the former regime and the dictatorship of President, while many of them now Atfnon to change the masks, it is loyalty to Saddam to the loyalty of the owners as long as it is about the relevance of money and influence and a sense of greatness lost to people they previously sold their consciences for Saddam and are ready to sell to the highest bidder which is this time the commander of the new year for the Armed Forces, Nuri al-Maliki. " Officer Kurd in the Iraqi army told the "squares of liberation" that "the officers killers in the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces who took part in suppressing the uprising of Iraqis in the south of the country and then in the Kurdish areas later on, they are now today, people of influence strongest in proportion to their ability to show personal loyalty to the owners to draw closer him hope a lot of positions and wealth, which they Igdgah Maliki assured him whenever personal loyalty. " In the same context says staff officer senior Iraqi action opposed to the President of the former regime of Saddam Hussein, "I expected to be among those who depend on them Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in building the new Iraqi army and despite my opposition to the former regime and defensive desperate for the new Iraq and my commitment to the political process, but I was surprised decision I am referred to retire through the betrayal of the Minister of Defense Abdul Qader al-Obeidi race, who knows all the officer the Iraqi army as the defender of the dictatorial regime and polished to face criminal, but al-Maliki chose to trust Balobeida Baathist and the hypocrite, and decided to keep me off despite the knowledge of personal dates of supervisor against the former regime. " The officer who decided to migration out of the country said in connection with the "spaces of liberation" condition of anonymity, said that "the style of al-Maliki in bringing the officers of the killers of the Iraqi people, is based on that of the Ewala Saddam and enhance his power, would not hesitate to further the other and strengthen his authority , Changing these easy masks when it goes back as long as they benefit, and al-Maliki does not require owners to clean history he did not want his rivals, but rather wants humiliated and services to strengthen his influence. " He said the officer corner that "Maliki's allies from the political parties and militias prepare it a lot of Baathist killers who used masks sectarian, not surprising to find today, a lot of opponents of the dictatorship and the victims of patriots who refuse to provide personal loyalty, they are outside the circle of any decision in the country."

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