TV Maliki: There are significant changes in the region will get
28/03/2012 13:25

Erbil, March 28 / March (Rn) - Iraqi Prime Minister, on Wednesday, that there are significant changes will occur in the region, noting that Iraq can not only be positive with the world on the basis of common interests, according to the Iraqi satellite channel semi-official.

Malki It quoted Iraqi Nouri al-Maliki in a speech directly during the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which began its work in Baghdad, headed by the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, in preparation for the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad tomorrow, that "there are significant changes will occur in the region," pointing out that "We must respect the will of the peoples to choose. "

Maliki said that "terrorism and national convicted him," asserting that "Iraq has suffered a lot and made a lot of casualties due to terrorism, which should intensify efforts to fight it."

He continued by saying that "Iraq can not only be positive with the world on the basis of common interests."

The meeting of trade ministers and Arab money, which was held yesterday in Baghdad, has witnessed the presence of seven ministers only countries including Iraq, while at the meeting such as Saudi Arabia officer rank of director general.

The list showed that the six ministers representing both Jordan and Algeria, Somalia and the Comoros, Kuwait, Libya, sent in each of Bahrain, Tunisia, Djibouti, Sudan and Morocco permanent UN delegates in the League of Arab States to the meeting.

The work of the Council for the Arab summit at the ministerial level, have begun yesterday in Baghdad, headed by the Iraqi Trade Minister Hassan Khairallah, The meeting was held in preparation for making recommendations for the Arab summit.

Preparing Baghdad to receive the Arab delegations, which are expected to participate summit of Arab States to be held, on Thursday, had been handed Iraq agenda of the summit delegates of Arab governments to the Arab League in Cairo on the 15 of this March, including an item proposed by the Iraq stresses the need to condemn acts of terrorism and agreement to fight it.