Follow the Sadrist movement camped in Dhi Qar, Maysan

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Follow the Sadrist movement camped in Dhi Qar, Maysan

Decided to follow the Sadrist movement, on Tuesday, currently open sit-in in the provinces of Nasiriyah and Maysan, in protest at the ministerial cabin provided by the political blocs to the House of Representatives.

A source in Maysan province, said that the number of followers and the Sadrist movement of civilians in Maysan staged a sit-in outside the House of Representatives office building in the province to protest the signing of the heads of political blocs to document national reforms, and refused to cabin provided by the blocs in order to vote.

In Dhi Qar Sadrists announced, this afternoon, on the open-ended sit in Haboubi Square in central province, to protest against the postponement of the parliamentary session until next Thursday, without voting on the new ministerial cabin.

He added that the protesters erected tents middle of the square and tight security