Iraqi MPs back the position of Dr. Ayad Allawi, who has taken

10/14/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Press release after the announcement of position by the leader of the Iraqi National List of Iyad Allawi, the sixth of October, where the current rejection of his chairmanship of the Supreme National Council for strategic policy in protest against the policy of monopoly and exclusivity in power, a large number of parliamentarians to support this national position and popular. The form of these attitudes of parliamentarians as follows: said Maysoon al: «The lack of government commitment to implementation of the agreement Erbil will make the government was unable to continue as well as being illegitimate». Haidar al-Mullah: «The Iraqi List is the position of president rejects this position is a letter rejecting each of repudiation by the State of Law coalition agreements and the implementation of the agreement, including Erbil as the founder of the formation of the government »... And asserted that «there they are absent from the concept of national partnership, noting that the rejection of the Iraqi clear indication that Iraq is not a project office, but a project looking to take steps to correct to modify the paths to achieve the national interest». and described Falah al-Naqib political situation in Iraq as «floating »for breach of implementation of the Convention which has been in Erbil conclusion about the year, pointing out that the future of the country is in danger. He said that there is no political partnership effectively in Iraq, but there is a case of the uniqueness of the power that is a serious matter at this stage, needs to rethink a lot of things. He attributed the Hamid al-Mutlaq, give the leader of the Iraqi List, as chairman of the strategic policies to his sense of frustration with the political process in the country. Mutlaq said: «Allawi's decision to withdraw from the Council came to Aigana he did not benefit from the discussions and debates, which lasted for months, without result, this aspect». Explaining «that the Iraqi List, I tried many times to reach a common denominator between the political parties, but unfortunately it did not happen». Gamal al-Kilani: «The National Council of the Supreme policies entitlement and national election / the Iraqi / and they would not give him any way». He said: «The waiver of the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi for the presidency of the National Council of the Supreme policies Aqraraithar at the time of monopolizing power is an opportunity to ease the political tension existing and comes in response to the accused / Iraq / she put the stick in front of the vehicle».