Citizen newspaper Deleted 3 zeroes from the Iraqi dinar cost «Central» $ 150 million
بتاريخ : الإثنين 26-03-2012 01:02 مساء Date: Monday 03/26/2012 13:02

UAE's Al Ittihad newspaper

الاثنين 26/3/2012 Monday, 26/3/2012

Confirmed official sources within the Central Bank of Iraq that the draft deleted three zeros from the Iraqi dinar began effectively and the process of replacement will cost the state budget the amount of 172 billion dinars (150 million dollars), will be the budget next year in JD's new will «Central» to raise its value gradually against the dollar up to be equal to any dinars per dollar.

It showed official documents especially the replacement of the Iraqi dinar to the new edition will be issued in three languages, Arabic, Kurdish and English, and the Kurdish language in government transactions provided for constitutionally, while the cost printing process which will be forwarded to one of four international companies specialized $ 150 million distributed in print, transport, insurance and work outside working hours for the destruction of the old currency which will be this time within the Central Bank. and the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, "The studies printed a new series of coins Iraq started since 2005, and began correspondence with the Committee on Economic Affairs in the Iraqi government in 2007 on the idea of ​​deleting three zeros from the currency. "

He added that the bank actually started the project any printing a new currency will be characterized as specifications of the best security in the world.