Deputy for Iraq to express its lack of optimism Talabani, the date for holding the meeting the national
Sunday, March 25 / March 2012 19:15

[Baghdad - where]

The vice of the Iraqi List, not optimistic about the date of the national meeting in early April.

The MP said Hamid al-Mutlaq told all of Iraq [where] the day Sunday, "We are not optimistic the deadline announced by President Jalal Talabani to hold national meeting, and we want that takes place before the Arab summit conference in order to go Iraq speech and political discourse unified understanding is greater than before mass political ".

"I think the political blocs that will go to a meeting of national and non-Mtfahma sporadic, and we wish the opposite, but we actually pessimistic outcome of this meeting if held on this date in order to resolve the current political crisis."

He was President Jalal Talabani, had decided in a presidential statement has received a [where] a copy of it on Sunday, after consultation with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and political blocs, the call to convene a national meeting on the fifth of April next in resolving the current political crisis which experienced by the country.

The Iraqi List and the Kurds agreed to convene a national meeting before the Arab summit when he met with the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allay and the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani recently, and stressed the importance of a national meeting before the Arab Summit, but the National Alliance, said in a meeting that a national meeting will be after Arab summit to be held in Baghdad next Thursday.