Talabani up to Baghdad from Sulaymaniyah Baghdad ahead of a summit

Friday, March 23 / March 2012 20:30

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates reached by President Jalal Talabani on Friday afternoon to the capital city of Baghdad from Sulaimaniya days before the start of the Arab summit in Baghdad.

It is hoped that Talabani be received by the leaders and leaders of the Arab participants at the Arab summit in Baghdad on Thursday.The start of the summit meeting on Tuesday, and Ministers of Finance and Economics, followed the next day a meeting of Foreign Ministers who are scheduled to do to prepare the agenda of the leaders who will meet on Thursday.Baghdad has taken strict security measures to protect the security of the summit and to prevent the recurrence of attacks on eight days before the Iraqi provinces and left dozens dead and wounded.According to the website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Talabani, the latter arrived in Baghdad from Sulaimaniya after spending Nowruz holidays in the Kurdistan Region.