Urgent .. Maliki addressed an invitation to political leaders to hold a national conference in the first week of next April
Date: Thursday, 22/03/2012 22:10

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's political leaders to convene a National Congress, in the first week of next April, ie after the end of the Arab summit.
A source in the prime minister (of the Agency news) said on Thursday that al-Maliki face of calls for political leadership all, of the National Conference was held in the week following the Arab summit conference, to be held in 29 of this March.
The source added: that al-Maliki said in a call made ​​by the political leaders for his support and his contribution to the success of the conference, and his quest to implement the rulings of the agreements or decisions. / Finished / 4. n. r /