U.S. study: Time is running out in Iraq .. Government neglect of the grievances of the people threatens to lose its legitimacy (1-2)

Posted 21/03/2012 08:51 AM

Washington - "squares of liberation"

Since the U.S. forces left Iraq in December 2011, the country suffered conflicts over power-sharing, with the efforts of the government, dominated by Shiites to weaken its opponents - of the Sunni parties and Shiite opposition groups alike. When the list ended its boycott of the Iraqi government and parliament last month, concluded that many in the United States that the political crisis is over. An impression is incorrect as you can see an American researcher in one of the studies.

And published analyst Irina. For. Sargsyan from "Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution," a study in the middle of this month in "National Interest", which he said, some scholars warn that the current crisis in Iraq (after the departure of U.S. forces) could lead to renewed civil war, Msthoudran intensified polarization between the political elites. However, and because they only look from the top, they overlook a more pressing concern threatens to violently from bottom to top: the growing frustration among ordinary Iraqis about their government. Vhyal rampant public corruption, and increasing repression, and the deterioration of social and economic conditions, many Iraqis feel despair and helplessness. Does not cause a lack of basic services, in addition to the abuse of civil liberties, harm the legitimacy of the government only, but encourages popular unrest, and enhance the actors with sub-identities, and creates opportunities for the emergence or revival of armed extremist groups, and promotes separatism. One need only to look at the popular unrest that precipitated uprisings in the Arab spring in order to recognize the danger of public outrage in Iraq.