General Motors and Ford are planning to enter the Iraqi market

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21.2012 21:43

Twilight News / revealed the major U.S. carmakers, its intention to invest in Iraq, set out to invest $ 200 million by opening new outlets in Iraq over the 3 years.

The company said in a statement General Moturuz have seen "Twilight News", a copy of "The company plans to invest in Iraq after Iraq has become one of the most growing countries in terms of population."

The statement added that "the company's decision to invest in Iraq despite the conditions experienced by the back also said that Iraq is the fifth largest global oil reserves."

The statement disclosed about the "plan of General Motors to new investments through the establishment of new branches are in Iraq, having entered the market in 2003, and achieved sales of 32 thousand cars in the last year, up 68% for the year 2010."

In a related development announced for Ford, "also plan to invest $ 200 million to open new outlets in Iraq over the next 3 years to meet increasing demand there is for cars."

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