Barzani: We say enough is enough for the one who Icodjeicha Mlaunyaoihaml qualities of the Commander in Chief and Defense and the Interior
Date: Thursday, 22/03/2012 10:06
Baghdad / range
criticized the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani strongly, the first of Tuesday, the formation of the "Army of two million in the country, loyal to one person, collect power with his hands," and stressed that "enough" for that person who holds a recipe Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and the Interior The intelligence chief and other positions, considering that Iraq is heading toward "the abyss" because of the category you want to drag him in power for the "dictatorship."
Barzani said in a speech the day before yesterday,

On the occasion of Birthdays Nowruz asking, "What is very formation of the army two million have allegiance to one person, when obtained in any part of the world there is a person brings in his hands positions such as commander of the armed forces and defense minister and interior minister and intelligence chief and head of the National Security Council."
He Barzani said: "It is time that we say it enough, because Iraq is moving towards the abyss, though a few are about to drag Iraq into a dictatorship, Iraq is experiencing a serious crisis, and the time such a situation is unacceptable for us at all."
He called Barzani "all leaders of political parties and political parties Iraq to the stimuli of the situation and sit down together at a time of urgency, so as to develop mechanisms and to accelerate the solution to this situation and deal in a very short period, otherwise we will go to our people, and then will make our final decision, and this order is not received, we blame anymore. "
said Barzani that "Yesterday a message was sent to the Central Bank in order to be associated with (a person) Also, what remains of the others I wonder?, and if some people believed that the Shiites are satisfied with this situation, the Shiites are marginalized by the Sunni and the Kurds." The President of the Kurdistan region of that "which is deplorable is that this group wants to show to the world that the Kurds are the ones who have changed their position on Shiites or changed their ally, but the Shiites, who know them are the followers and supporters of al-Hakim and al-Sadr, and they who stood always by the Kurds and supported them, pointing out that "the Kurds, in turn, stood by them and supported them, and we will always be alongside each other and supportive each other and Mtakndeghin together as well." He pointed out that "those who claim to be defenders of the rights of the Shiites, defense is not through the marginalization of the Shiite alliance, shall not be by creating new enemies of the Shiites, or that do not work out to others in Iraq, any account, "asserting that" Iraq for all of us, Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis, Turkmen, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and all according to its size and location. "
He called Barzani to serve in that category, which did not identify, "the Shiites through providing services and achieve security and stability for the Iraqi people, but what you did to Iraq, please let us accounts as a whole on the table. "renewed" commitment Bthalphena with our fellow Shiites, but not with this class that monopolized all aspects of power do not count for others any account, and I am sure that the Shiites are not satisfied with this situation by the Kurds and Sunnis. "