Adam's "Official" Chat 10-12-11 from DinarVets

Topic: YO DAWGS Adam in the house
[Monielynn] Good Morning Adam ... Hope You Came 2 Tell Us 2 Pack Our Bags, Chat Is Over
[ROCKSCISSORSPAPER] Adam, are your bags packed? And...good morning, Sir
[VIZIOIRAQI] Sit on Fingers
[Adam Montana] haha! Nice topic
[Adam Montana] i wasn't kidnapped, just on the phone
[Adam Montana] man I have a CRAZY day today!
[Adam Montana] please excuse me if I make this brief
Topic: OFFICIAL WEDNESDAY CHAT in progress, no typing
[Adam Montana] first a brief "where we are"
[Adam Montana] kcw I'll ask for questions in a few minutes, thank you for volunteering to bring the member's questions in here!
[Adam Montana] ok
[Adam Montana] there are a couple of misconceptions going around right now
[Adam Montana] one of them is regarding Allawi
[Adam Montana] this question will come up later
[Adam Montana] but this will preface it
[Adam Montana] first
[Adam Montana] the actual term used in most of the articles about Allawi is "renounced"
[Adam Montana] not resigned
[Adam Montana] Allawi is not stepping down from the government, he will still be a part of this investment, you are not going to suddenly stop hearing his name
[Adam Montana] ok?
[Adam Montana] with that said
[Adam Montana] let me explain why this is a GOOD development

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[Adam Montana] those of you that have followed my blog and my chats for a long time
[Adam Montana] will know that almost TWO YEARS ago I made a prediction that Maliki would win the presidency
[Adam Montana] well
[Adam Montana] after the votes were cast
[Adam Montana] the news sources in Iraq were throwing some misleading articles out there
[Adam Montana] they stated that the race was "close", and in a few articles they even had Allawi in the lead
[Adam Montana] the Dinar Community leapt onto my back, threw me into the ground, and pointed at me.... saying "aha!! Adam was wrong! I knew it!"
[Adam Montana] I'm not here to pat myself on the back
[Adam Montana] but I will say "i told you so"
[Adam Montana] and here's my REAL point
[Adam Montana] the Elections were a MAJOR battle in this RV
[Adam Montana] and now, almost 2 years later
[Adam Montana] we have Allawi "renouncing" the government...
[Adam Montana] not because he's "done" with politics
[Adam Montana] oh no!
[Adam Montana] he will still have his fingers in the pies
[Adam Montana] but in his own words, he is stepping away "for the good of Iraq"
[Adam Montana] this is AWESOME, because for a very long time we have seen delay after delay over the political struggle between the Sunnis (Allawi's supporters) and the rest of the country
[Adam Montana] with Allawi officially stating that he is "renouncing" the current government, but at the same time officially "stepping back" from the political tug-of-war.... this gives us an opening to actually RESOLVE and MOVE FORWARD
[Adam Montana] in my opinion, this is great for the value of dinar and puts us on track for a 2011 RV
[Adam Montana] I think it could happen by Thanksgiving, even though there is a holiday in progress
[Adam Montana] but I feel even more confident that we should see it by the end of the year
[Adam Montana] hopefully in time for Christmas shopping!
[Adam Montana] i have a few things I'd like to give myself for Christmas
[Adam Montana] ok, that's my "where we are" analysis