Iraqis in the ninth anniversary of the war looking to build the country after that of fed up with political conflicts

3/21/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad: Euphrates News on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Iraq war called for a number of Iraqi citizens, the political blocs Btenba speech of a new political refrain from creating political crises and the trend real to rebuild Iraq economically. said retired Hashim Hussein told {Euphrates News} "The memory of the war on Iraq painful has fallen the lives of many innocent people because of the policy pursued by the United States in toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein. " He explained, "On the occasion of this anniversary on the political blocs that are going to be to pick up the body of the Iraqi new and stay away from creating crises and start actually building the new Iraq, according to the assets of democracy." He said, " There is no doubt that Iraq is the start develops slowly and gradually, but not the required level, or who we want as citizens. " and recalled citizenship Sana Rehman days of the war experienced by the Iraqis like these days as the memory of harsh killed hundreds of innocent people unjustly, saying that "the U.S. war on Iraq was a mistake grave was possible to change the regime of Saddam Hussein in other ways and to address peacefully. " wondering "Is it possible to lead the war to destroy the infrastructure of the Iraqi state, was it not enough just to bring down the system and keep the government installations intact and refrain from stealing." and described Rehman days that followed the war as "the days of black can not be erased from the memory of Iraqis who have lived those days, looking to turn their country to ruin," and hoped that the "political blocs to adopt a policy to move away from creating a crisis and start realistically to rebuild Iraq away from the history of political as saying." For his part, said graduate student at the University of Baghdad Karrar Riad told {Euphrates News} "The days of the war are no less severe than acts of terror, which affected the Iraqis after 2003." He pointed out that "America is responsible for what happened the massacres against Iraqis and with it the political blocs that took over power Bde sectarian" . and expected to come today to prosecute anyone who tries to absolve or make laws amnesty for the killers criminals who Azhqgua the blood of Iraqis. " and concluded by saying "We look forward to that being the political blocs and parties Window extensive changes in its policy to address the security, economy and development of education and the welfare of society." and pass These days, the ninth anniversary of the American war on Iraq and the Iraqi government announced on 28 February that the number of victims who have died since April 5, 2004 to 31 December 2011 of 69 thousand and 263 martyrs and 239 thousand and 133 wounded on the reports of government agencies responsible for monitoring this is a Ministry of Health as the closest to reality and the National Security Council. completed the Central Committee to compensate those affected by military operations and errors of military and terrorist operations in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers yesterday, the first batch of pensions for those affected by the victims of terrorism, as well as give them a piece of land and a financial grant.

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