Allkash: Mabarv amounts of Baghdad at the top of the largest in the history of Arab summits

3/21/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Euphrates News MP from the bloc Mohammed Allkash what has been spent on the top of Baghdad as the largest in the history of previous Arab summits. said Allkash told {Euphrates News} today that "the government borrowed {100} billion dinars to be paid to the Arab summit in addition to Alastaadat security suffocating and other funds that will be spent in order to be held in Baghdad, calling for "the disbursement of these funds for cancer patients." and declared Iraqi Council of Ministers on 18 this month agreed exchange advance a private act to the State Department to the requirements of the Arab summit of 100 billion dinars. , he added, "what has dispensing and Mabarv amounts at the top of Baghdad largest in the history of Arab summits ", calling for" the disbursement of these funds for cancer patients to understand the greatest need of anyone with the money. " and that "there are rumblings of discontent is a natural by the Iraqi people for the amounts of large amounts of spent and that will be spent in order to Summit ", in addition to" Alastaadat security, which is now strangling the Iraqi citizen. " said Allkash that "street-Baghdadi in grumbling much of the security situation and the concrete barriers and checkpoints deployed to protect the Arab summit," stressing that "the heads of the Arabs will pass through one street only a Airport Road. " and Allkash that "alert {100} one thousand of the security agencies for the purpose of holding the Arab summit amplify a very ordered," noting that "U.S. forces also expressed willingness to participate in the protection of Iraqi airspace if the government demanded it." is scheduled for Arab Summit in Baghdad on 29 this month after it was scheduled to be held in May of last year but was postponed to March 2012, at the request of the government of Iraq and regardless about half a billion dollars in preparation for the contract.

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