Iraq calls for amending the Constitution during the three months to prevent the return of dictatorship

10/12/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Sumerian News / Baghdad called the Iraqi List, Wednesday, to amend the constitution within three months to prevent the return of dictatorship and repeated abuses him, pointing at the same time that the Prime Minister and the leaders and members of the political blocs agreed on the need do this step, asked for the separation of the Constitutional Court from the rest of the judicial authorities. The adviser said the Iraqi List, Hani Ashour said in a statement released today, and received "Alsumaria News," a copy of it, that "all the political blocs agreed that the Iraqi constitution, still carries some of the gaps and writing has been on the wheel, which requires amendment as provided for in the Constitution itself, to address the violations repeated, halt and prevent the return of dictatorship by bypassing the permanent. " He called Ashour to "re-activate the Committee to amend the constitution and put a time limit not exceeding three months to modify and prevent violations and overcome the mistakes that received it. " Ashour went on that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and leaders and members of the political blocs agreed on the need amendment and to prevent violations which exceeded more than 30 violation during the period of work to do," adding that "repeated violations undermined the Constitution and he lost his prestige and helped to prevent do it, which lead to the return of dictatorship by bypassing the Constitution. " He called Ashour to "organize the law of the Constitutional Court and a vote in parliament and the activation of its authority as a rule of interpretation, and separated from the rest of the judicial authorities to be able to devote to this work and the protection of the Constitution," asserting that "the eligibility of five members in Parliament calls for amendment of the Constitution or the activation of paragraph 142 calling for its amendment, especially after the many problems that caused the crises of political and operational during the last period. " He Ashour that "since the referendum on the constitution in the 2005 Constitution contains a clause requiring amended after four months, and with the formation of a committee of the amendments during the period of the previous parliament not to amend the Constitution in spite of the consensus of the political blocs on the need that. " Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki confirmed on 23 August 2011, that the current Iraqi government and the Iraqi constitution built on the basis of national and sectarian, and as pointed out that the Constitution guarantees " mines began to explode, not rights, "he called to modify it to achieve the state of citizenship and the adoption of the basis of national belonging and the nation away from the rest of the spectrum. The academics, professionals and political analysts called, in the 13 April 2011, to re-formulate the majority of the paragraphs of the Iraqi Constitution and modified because of its faulty , considering it the cause of the majority of the political differences that has plagued Iraq, while a student writing a new constitution, the media, because the existing "non-adjustable." The Iraqi constitution passed in 2005 after a referendum in all Iraqi provinces.