President Najafi in lengthy dialogue meetings with Centers for strategic research on the situation in Iraq

Wednesday October 12, 2011

Held Iraqi Parliament Speaker Abdulaziz Osama Najafi lengthy dialogue meetings with the British research centers at the start of his visit to London focused on the situation in Iraq and the most important problems encountered in the path of democracy, and the effects of the situation in the region of the country.

The first of these meetings with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, who discussed the future of democracy in Iraq after the 2010 elections, while the second meeting was at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies included a tour of the building, Clarendon’s Theatre Childonyan in Oxford and at the Library Bodleian In the realm of Radcliffe and then access to a field test in the mentioned university, where he presented President Nujaifi lecture exams in schools on the “challenges and future prospects.”

These meetings have included several questions focused on topics relevant to the Iraqi issue, particularly the internal and external challenges, and the enormous risks facing the region due to the popular uprisings, revolutions and its repercussions on Iraq expected.

And President Nujaifi features and public perceptions of the Council of Representatives in its current terms of the issuance of laws against rampant corruption in state institutions, stressing the challenge of the Board for this phenomenon Boseltin: legislative, legal, and regulatory accounting, also stressed the need for an independent judiciary, and the importance of non-dependence of independent bodies and private control of .

He also described the sovereignty of democracy in Iraq “without a completed” and it’s in transition requires concerted efforts from all devoted to the national interest and genuine partnership between communities of different ethnic communities and the growing interest in public and individual freedoms and human rights.

The president said Najafi, current and future plans for the House of Representatives to address the economic chaos and collapse of industry, agriculture, trade and indiscriminate education and health in the country, and legislation by issuing a final set limits for this disorder and treatment effects.
He also noted that the Iraqi constitution, written in haste and in just two months to represent the people, has an ancient civilization and history is balanced with what is written in some articles and paragraphs of this Constitution.

In conclusion, the Chairman invited Nujaifi the Iraqi people to exercise its role in the spirit of the great historical responsibility, through the will of the industry wide popularity, and strong, and impressive, save for the Iraqi people, stability and peace, and shake the ground under the feet of greedy and mischievous.

He also thanked the sovereignty Alqaúmn came in for their hospitality, and drew them tribute, on behalf of the Iraqi people and wished them success and repayment.