Kurdistan officially request the National Conference was held before the Arab Summit

On: Wednesday 21/3/2012 8:14

Baghdad / range
said Second Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi parliament on Monday that the Kurdistan Alliance supports the National Conference to resolve the political crisis in Iraq before the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad late this month.

He said Aref Tayfur, told the Kurdish news agency that "the time of the National Congress is expected to resolve the political crisis in Iraq has not been determined yet, it was unclear whether held by the Arab summit or after the session."
said Tayfur that "there are a number of problems and obstacles in front of the conference national levels, most notably the absence of any rapprochement between the coalition and Iraqi National Alliance. "
said Tayfur that "component Kurdish student officially Iraqi political parties National Conference was held prior to the upcoming Arab summit," pointing to "the existence of blocks and the parties to further political support of these demands."
and declared Preparatory Committee for the National Congress on Monday that its last meeting resulted in agreement on the structure of the agenda of the national meeting and the formation of a special committee to put items on the agenda that the President Jalal Talabani, locate and hold a meeting time.