Parties law to parliament next month


BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
"Al Sabah" from sources in the legal committee of parliamentary to parliamentary select next April, a date to discuss the law of political parties and approval. They said: "The Legal Committee is still looking for the law, and that it be submitted to the presidency of the parliament at the resumption of hearings on the third of next month and will be discussed and then approved. "
It is said that most of the political parties currently practiced their work according to procedures described by observers as "inaccurate", especially as there are dozens of political parties registered and received a very small number of votes during the last election, in addition to their concentration in province or provinces only, which violates the new law.
and introduced a bill parties, according to a copy published in the "morning" recently, the political party that: "Every Iraqi group organized on the basis of common principles and objectives contribute to the formation of political will and operate by democratic means in order to peaceful transfer of power or participate in them. "
For his part, urged the president of the advisers in the Cabinet Engineer Thamer Ghadban House of Representatives to speed up the ratification of the parties.
said Ghadhban in a statement to delegate the "morning" Tariq al-Araji: "The advisory board has played a major role in the preparation of the law of parties and approved by by the Council of Ministers and is now in the House of Representatives, "and describing the law as a" tight and in which all the mechanisms that begin to form political parties and foundations and internal systems and ensure they are parties, a national, not class and away from the thought takfir and terrorism and militias. "
and added that the law contains a mechanism for the Court to finance political parties so that the State contribute to the financing of political parties within the federal budget, stressing that "the law is not aimed at parties, but Ihsnha was a mechanism for how to establish political parties, recording and monitoring and the adoption of modern concepts to them."
The law emphasizes the need to stick to the political party and its members to "provisions of the Constitution and respect for the rule of law , and the principle of political pluralism and the principle of peaceful transfer of power, and the preservation of the independence of the state and its security and maintenance of national unity. "
The government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh announced recently, that the Council of Ministers decided to approve the draft law on political parties and submitted to the House of Representatives in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
He sees Legal Tariq Harb said "the enactment of the parties is very important and urgently needed and necessary in the current situation, and can not delay it more."