Maliki strongly critical of the Iraqi threat to pull out and accuses her of jamming on top of the Baghdad

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Tuesday 20 March 2012 14:15 GMT

Leadership of the coalition of state law Sami al-Askari

Sumerian News / Baghdad criticized the State of Law Coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday, the threat of the Iraqi List, to withdraw from the government and the demands made ​​by the Prime Minister, described it as "unrealistic," while the accused Iraq of trying to disrupt the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month . The leader of the coalition of state law, Sami al-Askari said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "the demands of the Iraqi List, the last is not realistic nothing to do with the survival of its ministers in the government because they tried to withdraw did not harvest anything, which forced them to return empty-handed." said the military that "the demands of Iraq are not all linked to the government some of them as a subject of accountability, justice and the law of amnesty is linked to the parliament, which is in recess until after the summit," explaining that "put forward these demands at the moment and as crippling and unrealistic intended to disrupt the Arab Summit . " The military, in an interview for "Alsumaria News", earlier in the day, the accused, a comment on the bombings that occurred today, killing at least 250 people dead and injured, political parties (unnamed) that it meets with the base in show Iraq as a troubled country and is safe to disable the Arab summit in Baghdad. and threatened Iraq over the last few weeks under the guidance messages written to the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month for the fact that the crisis in Iraq, if it does not touch the seriousness of correcting the situation, while the accused parties " information "Pfbarakh statements attributed it to justify any security breach before the summit. He said that the military "that demands Iraq is not a fact not without the tone of political because the subject of the national meeting before the Arab Summit is up to the Preparatory Committee, one of so decided a problem that all parties", stressing at the time himself that the coalition "does not have a problem if everyone agreed on the contract at any time." The Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi announced, on Monday (19 March 2012), to submit a formal request to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has four demands, a meeting of the National before a summit of Baghdad, and the abolition of the law of accountability and justice, and to accelerate the enactment of a law of amnesty, and the application of the terms of Erbil, while threatened to withdraw its ministers from the government in the event of non-implementation of their demands within 72 hours. had already boycotted the Iraqi List, the meetings of the House of Ministers, before you decide on ( January 29, 2012) Back to the meetings of Parliament and in the (February 6, 2012) ending the boycott of Cabinet. preparing Baghdad to receive the Arab delegations, which are expected to participate summit of Arab States to be held in Iraq by the end of this month. and was President Jalal Talabani and parliament Osama Najafi agreed During a meeting held in the province of Sulaymaniyah, in (27 December 2011), to hold a national conference of all political forces to address issues related to governance, the state and develop solutions crisis has, in rejection of the National Alliance Conference held in Kurdistan, stressing the need to take place in Baghdad, called to support and keep the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi for politicization. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, had already been presented in (January 18, 2012), three options in case of failure of the National Conference to be held in the coming days, which is that the National Alliance to appoint the chairman The new prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, instead of, or forming a new government is to hold early elections, or to form a government of national partnership based on a real implementation of agreements on full Erbil, while calling a number of Iraqi MPs in more than one occasion dismissed al-Maliki.