Diyala Council announces the approval of the Ministry of Electricity in principle to form a force for the protection of power pylons

Author: AK

Editor: BK | CC

Tuesday 20 March 2012 14:49 GMT

Alsumaria News / Diyala announced the Energy Commission in the province of Diyala, Tuesday, for the approval of the Ministry of Electricity in principle to form a force to protect the transmission towers to reduce the target repeated by armed groups, stressing that the Commission coordinate with the competent authorities to develop a plan to protect those towers. Chief Committee Ismail Jubouri in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Ministry of Electricity and agreed in principle to support a project to adapt people to form a special force to protect the towers, electric power, which are located in remote areas north of the province after repeated targeted by armed groups in the past months." said Jubouri that "there are joint coordination between the Energy Committee in the House of Diyala and the security agencies and the Ministry of Electricity to develop a plan which would assure greater protection of the towers of energy and prevent the target." The Jubouri that "the protection of power pylons of great significance because the target is destructive of the national economy," pointing that "the Energy Committee in the House of Diyala strives to provide protection for the towers until the completion of adapting the elements of security to protect them." He was Vice Chairman of the Board of Diyala Sadiq al-Husseini called, on the ninth of March 2012, to set up surveillance cameras to prevent the targeting of towers, power transmission, indicating that the targeting cause human and material damage and the impact on the delivery of electricity to all parts of the province. The towers of electric power in Diyala and its city of Baquba, 55 km northeast of Baghdad, came during the past months to eight attacks led directly to the human and material losses as well as power electricity to large areas before you can detachments of maintenance problems. processes constitute components targeting the Iraqi national power grid one of the important factors in the instability of electricity across the country, and wasted a lot of energy and money, and sustain the chronic electricity crisis.