Financial advisor to Abadi warns: Iraq at the crossroads!
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Baghdad the balance of news
Financial adviser warned Prime Minister Mohammad Saleh appearance Monday, the existence of the State of the State, emphasizing the need to address the reform document parallel forces in preparation for the transition to a post-daash and low oil prices, building a strong State to address parallel state three components, parallel, parallel law, parallel government.
Saleh said in a statement/balance of news copy, "a parallel State with roots that potency will grow without reform, based on three ways, the first being the parallel market that has not been controlled and is one of the most dangerous types of internal and external market, the illegal market which include currency speculation and smuggling".
Saleh said, "the second point is the parallel law of the strong expansion of the clan that you impose its own society away from the power of the judiciary law, which subjected people to the parallel law."
He added that "the most dangerous areas and a third, parallel government is the product of corruption, corrupt collect funds on behalf of the authority, as is the presence of arms outside the authority of the State which created an army parallel to the regular army, as well as parallel media, of uncontrolled information forces that seek to destroy the State and authority". Ended 29/4 e