Arab Parliament: Agreement to discuss important issues


Zaidi emphasizes the importance of convening the Arab summit after spring

Cairo - Isra Khalifa
A member of the Arab Parliament Riad al-Zaidi for the determination of the leaders participating in the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month to discuss key issues and the task of declaring that Iraq will attend two delegations.
The MP said al-Zaidi, a member of the Liberal bloc of parliamentary on the sidelines of the meeting of the Arab Parliament in Cairo: "The Arab summit in Baghdad was" a historic achievement by a great "help restore Baghdad to its political, economic and social development at the regional level, especially in the duration of current, as it will give Baghdad, great value, especially as the first summit after the Arab spring and the regional situation and international changes and it will start to deepen economic partnership with Iraq. He said Zaidi's "morning": that "preparations in full swing has created the Iraqi government, all means of success of the summit in terms of the security situation, and there spread of the pieces of the military on the outskirts of Baghdad, and has been initialized the summit venue, halls other. "He said" the agreement to discuss the five items related to spring the Arab and the integration of joint economic and standardization of media discourse to achieve these goals, in addition to an item on the Palestinian cause and the support of Jerusalem, as well as developing and structuring Arab League, the discussion of an item proposed by Iraq on the fight against terrorism and drying up its sources and to invite all Arab countries to sign the Arab Convention for the fight against terrorism, "noting that the announcement of Baghdad will include the decisions of the Arab leaders on these items .. and we hope that the available sincerity to be the summit of the most successful Summits, especially as they came after the great labor of the peoples of the Arab dictatorships and after the success of the Arab peoples to topple authoritarian regimes, and thus hold the summit in the Arab countries, liberal, and must be characterized by the summit to its decisions. "
He said al-Zaidi, "Iraq will attend two delegations first is the chairmanship of the Summit entrusted to President Jalal Talabani, and the delegation Representative of Iraq headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and 6 ministers from the government .. and we hope to be one of the best Arab summits in its decisions and unification of the Arab nation and to achieve their interests in line with the emerging democratic in the region. "
And on claims for the inclusion of political differences within the agenda of the Summit,
Zaidi said: "These internal disputes can not be put on the agenda of the Arab summit, and the problem of Tariq al-Hashemi can be solved within the framework of the Iraqi house, because it is outside the powers of the summit."
He added by saying: "Iraq is the only country formatted to address the wounds of the Arab nation is has previously been the Arab countries in the implementation of democracy for nearly ten years and has a base of popular and erudite, and enough money to address the situation in Iraq and the Arab issues, and thus location of Iraq and Stratejath and history imposes on him to be an incubator for the Arabs and address many of the Arab situation through diplomacy, Iraq, as there are some problems between Iraq and Kuwait have been processed through the Prime Minister's visit, including the call to remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the United Nations and resolve the issue of Iraqi Airways and the agreement to install the border, "noting that" in the interest of Kuwait to establish better relations with Iraq because of neighborliness and corporate economy and territorial waters, where a third of Iraq's trade passes through the gate Kuwaiti and can deepen the joint investments, and the interest of the Gulf countries to establish relations in common with Iraq, especially as he has become does not constitute a threat to any country other and have a lot of money and mental large and govern Iraq are his sons after the departure of U.S. forces and is being said about the existence of some sectarian problems, conflicts and seize power incorrect things Iraq is a democratic country and therefore on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states to deal with him as a democratic away from other things, The problems of Iraq were not calculated on the Iranian side or Saudi or Turkish, but calculated on the Iraqis themselves will not solve Iraq's only through the gate and common interests with the Saudis can be large and export of Iraqi oil via Saudi Arabia is a large open horizons between the two countries. "
It is said that high-level sources have announced the "morning" last month, said the Gulf Cooperation Council decided at a meeting in Cairo to attend Arab summit in Baghdad late this March, noting that "all countries of Persian Gulf leaders will be represented on the day of the Summit on March 29 this month and will be attended by all the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting for the Ministers of Foreign Affairs on 28 of the same month, as he will be a full attendance of Ministers of Economy, Trade and Finance at a meeting of the Council of the Arab League Economic and Social Council on 27. "
The decision by the GCC positive message, through which these countries to open a new page of cooperation with Iraq, which sought to install a lot of Arab unity, especially with the surroundings (GCC).
He said al-Zaidi, "The Arab diplomacy was a failure during the last term on Iraq and Itbaky on Iraq, claiming interference with Iranian and pull its economy and diplomacy from Iraq .. must be present in Iraq, nor give way to others, and the Arab presence is required in Iraq and contribute to the economy and expertise and joint investment, In addition to support the building of the Iraqi army has been dependent on foreign expertise, and now after the departure of another U.S. soldier has become the Iraqi forces control the border and inside fully and security situation of Iraq has started to recover, despite the imbalance issue of armament and rebuild the air force and air defense was postponed these things until rebuild the country. "