Supreme Council: We got the support of the Kurds to declare the capital of Basra, Iraq's economic

TUESDAY, MARCH 20 / MARCH 2012 11:06

Twilight News / detect the Supreme Islamic Council, Tuesday, that the Kurdistan Alliance expressed its full support for the draft declaration of the economic capital of Basra, Iraq, noting that the success of this project significant economic benefits for "all Iraqis."
The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council, Abdul-Hussein Abtan for "Twilight News" that "the leadership of the Kurdish President Massoud Barzani and most members of the Kurdistan Alliance have expressed their full support to project economic capital of Basra to Iraq."
"The province of Basra has great wealth, but they suffer from are large, in fact services and ages, and there are a large number of unemployed in the province."
The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim has called in a speech during a session of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, earlier, and was attended by "Twilight News", "I call on the leadership of Kurdish support of our project to make the province of Basra economic capital of Iraq," stressing that "Basra is a nerve President of economic life in Iraq. "
Abtan and that "the success of the economic capital of Basra will return significant benefits to all Iraqis from Kurdistan to the south of Iraq."
Icheraly that the Vice Chairman of the provincial council in Basra Ahmed Sulaiti revealed, on the tenth of this March, for "Twilight News", "the province of Basra, believes 70% of the budget of the federal public through a port marine and vast oil wealth in the province," and urged "the allocations Additional to the province of Basra for the success of the project converted the economic capital, and the project remains only a formality and propaganda. "