State law: the summit agenda has been imposed by the Preparatory Committee
On: Tuesday 20/3/2012 0:12

Karbala - Citizen
The leader of the coalition of state law Monday, the agenda of the Arab summit has been imposed by the Preparatory Committee for the summit, saying that the threat to raise internal problems at the top of Baghdad is a shortage of some politicians.
A member of the House of Representatives for the National Alliance Fouad Alldorki told the Kurdish reported that "the Arab summit has an agenda and clear you set up the Preparatory Committee and supervised by the Secretary General of the Arab League and puts on the experts and then on the Arab foreign ministers and after the presidents and can not be any party to intervene and include the work of another, or its own agenda."
and added, "who represent the Iraq at a meeting of the Arab summit are six people who are the President of the Republic, who chairs the conference, the Prime Minister Chairman of the Iraqi delegation and Minister of Foreign Affairs and a group of ministers. "
The Alldorki that "put Iraq's problems within the Summit is not true, because the policy of the new Iraq is the lack of interference in the affairs of others and will not allow interference in our affairs. "
and tries to Iraqi politicians resolving their disputes out a unified position before the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month.
He stressed that "the threat by subtracting the problems the Iraqi summit is a lack of political request the support and assistance of other countries as the weakening of the role of Iraq, "noting that" trying to put things, Iraq's internal on others does not want to elevate the country to the place they deserve in the Arab and regional levels. " and threatened the Iraqi List, earlier in the internationalization of the political crisis in Iraq, and resorting to put the whole issue on the table for the Arab summit if its demands were not implemented. scheduled the Arab summit in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, in the (29) of this month, but the survival of political disputes will weaken the position of Iraq in front of its Arab neighbors