Iraq is Iran to prevent the passage of weapons to Syria and al-Maliki rejects accusations of Biden

18/03/2012 12:57

Baghdad / Orr News
Between negation and indictment of the Iraqi government to allow its territory and airspace for the passage of weapons or fighters to Syria, Iraq's government announced yesterday that it had told Iran not allowing to use its territory and airspace for the passage of weapons or fighters to Syria, in the wake of express and Washington expressed concern about the transfer of weapons to suppress the protests there.
While Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq a mechanism for the inspection of cargo that pass through its territory by land, air and verification of being a I take weapons, particularly to Syria, the source revealed that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "a response in the form of a firm on charges of implicit came in the words of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, "in which he pointed to the recent Baghdad disregard for the supply of Iranian weapons to the regime in Damascus.
Source, a political figure close to the circle of decision-making, emphasized, "Maliki told the U.S. official accusations of inaccuracy, and invited him to provide documented evidence of satellite images or anything to prove it."
The source, who asked not to be named to the sensitivity of the subject, to the Agency (UR) that the President of the Iraqi government "take umbrage" which in the words of U.S. Vice President in a telephone call between them last Monday, especially since it's not the first time accusing Baghdad to take positions unequivocally what deems Washington.
According to the source, al-Maliki addressed Biden said: "Instead of directing the accusations and passed to the media .. you should prevent arming the Syrian opposition, and to stand firmly against attempts by some States and parties to the author of this trend."
A community-Maliki considered the analysis and control, the requirement of Iraqi parties in return for not arming the Syrian opposition, particularly since the regional countries and foreign calls for arming "of the Syrian army's free." In that phone call renewed rejection of Maliki called it "attempts to enter the weapons to Syria by any party," and expressed his opposition to violence and the use of force as a way to resolve the crisis in the Arab state neighbors.
And exchanging accusations of Iraqi political forces, with each other on the support system in the face of the Intifada al-Assad of Syria. The discourse that spreads within the currents of political and community support of the public protest Syrian, suggesting that the Americans spotted the secret operations to smuggle Iranian weapons across Iraq are made ​​by cargo planes landing at night at the airport in Najaf, then leave to Syria, which was denied by officials in the governments of central Baghdad and local communities in Najaf .
Previously, some of the political forces of Iraq, the Sadrists accused Parcel about five thousand volunteers from the Mahdi Army and the Promised Day Brigade to Syria in support of the lion and the protection of the Shiite shrines in Syria, at the Area Convention witnesses of the Syrian town of Deir Al-Zour,
And the effects of crossing the 104 bus last month, Iranian, Iraqi territory to Damascus, a sensation in political circles of Iraq, especially after the arrest of the elements of the Syrian army free seven Iranian fighters, which was denied by the Iraqi government.
According to sources, a border crossings Mundhiriyah, newborn, spoke to the Agency (UR), the buses, the (104) was carrying only men between the ages of 25 and 35 years old, entered Iraqi territory from crossing Mundhiriyah border heading toward Kadhimiya, and then towards the Iraqi-Syrian border.
A source in the crossing-Waleed told The (UR) that the Anbar Operations Command, received a call from a senior official in Baghdad, asking him to protect the convoy, Iran, prompting processes led to the declaration of a state of full alert.