Kurdish lawmaker: It was better to hold a national meeting before the summit so that the opponents of the completion of a unified speech at the Arab summit

Monday, March 19 / March 2012 07:06

[Baghdad - where]

Said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Chuan Mohamed Taha that the meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the national moving very slowly and this gave Mhoshra clear that the national meeting will be held after the Arab summit.

Taha said, told all of Iraq [where] the day, that it was "better for the political leaders meeting was held before the national conference of the Arab summit so that the political opponents of the completion of a unified political speech at the summit."

For his part, MP for the coalition of state law, Sami al-Askari said "the national meeting of the Arab summit before the end of the business is subject to the Preparatory Committee for the meeting."

The Iraqi List, has called on several occasions the need to hold a meeting or a national meeting before the Arab summit in Baghdad, which will be held late this month as its leader, Iyad Allawi board asking the Iraqi political differences at the summit meetings.

The members of the Preparatory Committee to meet the national swung the postponement of the national meeting until after the Arab summit to be held at the end of March current, "Aazin" that the Preparatory Committee to the need for more time in resolving their work and set the agenda for the national meet.

Is due the Arab summit later this month in Baghdad, after he answered the many Arab countries to invite Iraq to attend the summit, while rejected the Arab League to provide an invitation to Syria to attend the Summit to implement the decision taken by the Arab League last November to suspend the participation of Syria in the activities of the university because of developments taking place in it. ended 2