Khalidi: House of Representatives began about 90 law during the year

Monday, March 19 / March 2012 08:53

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates confirmed the decision of the Iraqi parliament from the Iraqi List MP Muhammad Al-Khalidi that the House of Representatives began approximately 85 to 90 law within one year of age, pointing out that "satisfied with the work of the House of Representatives on the whole."

He Khalidi told {Euphrates News} on Monday that "the previous parliament and within a period of four years prescribed {180} law only," explaining that "the current parliament began the laws are very important and we are satisfied with that, but remain below the level of ambition, of course."

With regard to the laws that were supposed to decide on them and voting upon, but leaned on the shelves, according Khalidi that "the most important laws that parked on the shelf is the law of parties, oil and gas law and the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council and the inspectors general and the law of the provincial councils, in addition to the amnesty law." Ended 2 M.