Yasiri: Iraq will see significant economic growth after a summit Baghdad
03.18.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad (news) was likely a member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, to see the Iraqi economy development in all sectors after the return of Iraqi relations - Arab and the Arab summit conference in Baghdad, which will contribute to the arrival of Arab companies large investment into the country. Yasiri said ( Agency news) on Sunday: that Iraq today is entirely different from the past and began to take even good steps forward through the re-foreign relations with all countries in the world, particularly Arab countries and neighboring to it by the Arab summit conference in Baghdad, which will be held at the end of this month, He continued: What would make Iraq prosperous of all levels and aspects, and will have an active role and significantly within the region. The Yasiri: that the Iraqi economy will see significant growth and significant development after the Arab summit, the fact that there are economic interests large will be activated between Iraq and the Arab countries on all sides and the conference will also contribute to the return of those interests, as well as the advent of the investment companies large Arab, especially Gulf to Iraqi territory to invest and contribute to building the Iraqi economy and its development. He pointed to: that of international trade and commodity exchanges need to be policy based on strong relations with those countries in order to be prosperous and sophisticated, because the policies between countries and Bdilalha reflect negatively on all aspects of economic and trade among themselves. this and the complexity of the Ministry of Finance Arabs meeting in Baghdad the day before the Arab summit to be held in 29 of this March.

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