Member of Finance Committee describes the competition between private banks to "non-fair"
BAGHDAD / not / A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Faleh Djiashi, Sunday, that the nature of competition among private banks to (unfair), and it is far from the applicable specifications of the competition before the World Bank. A statement by the Jiashi received "Agency secrets news / not /" a copy of it today ": that there are views behind such decisions and the means (the decision of the Trusteeship) on the Warka Bank NCB, indicating that the parliament and the government stand by strengthening the private sector, but that does not intersect with principle should be that there would be mechanisms to protect the citizen, but must be taken gradually and start better, such as providing a loan to the bank struggling or suffering a drought in liquidity, and this is applicable globally. He pointed out ": that there is a lot of inconsistencies and the intersection between fiscal policy and cash, including the central bank independent in its decisions, unfortunately, I find the continuing effects of the Government to the Central Bank and a blatant interference by the government in the affairs of the bank and as if reminiscent of what was acting by the former regime with the Central Bank, and there are characters inherited thought the former was contributed in making the Ministry of Finance Thus decisions.He expressed his thing saying that the resort's central bank and directly to resolve the latest in a series of solutions prescribed by its own law for the year 2004, namely the imposition of trusteeship, but we find that all the world's central banks step in to support banks her in the event of a financial crisis and was done recently in America.