Maliki prepares for talks with the blocks side by the National Conference
On: Sun 03/18/2012 10:20

Baghdad / term
Plans to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki do several meetings with representatives of the political blocs before the Arab summit conference later this month in order to provide a suitable platform for the National Conference. Sources told (range) yesterday, "said Maliki would put a compromise to require the Iraqi National Congress before the Arab summit through intensive meetings with representatives of the political blocs In order to develop appropriate solutions to some outstanding problems between all parties, especially with the Iraqi List. "

She and sources "that these meetings will provide a suitable platform for the National Conference Preparatory Committee, which works on the preparation of its agenda in this period."
It welcomed the Iraqi List, these invitations and MP Ziad worldwide abolition, "The large number of meetings that will bring the views," adding that "the basic problem is not in the collection of the parties in the side events as much as there must be solutions to a number of problems among them."
He continued worldwide abolition, the official negotiator on behalf of a cluster solution, in his speech (range) yesterday, "al-Maliki to resolve most differences through deeds, not words, the implementation of previous agreements."
And connects the MP for the Iraqi completion of the promises of the rule of law in good faith, and added, "We and our friends in the same boat, and it is correct and there is conflict between us because the biggest loser of Iraq and the political blocs together," calling to "make concessions by everyone, especially since all the parties see themselves on the right and others wrong. "
She was a cluster solution, one of the components of the Iraqi willingness to meet Maliki's call if they received at the time the next, and added, "will not be a substitute for the National Congress, who are working to stay in the moment."
He explained, "We are looking for the application of previous agreements, and recommendations that may come out of the upcoming meeting will be a dead letter if you were not there serious about making it a practical reality, but we are sure that there are some parties did not want us to reap the fruits of the political process, for various reasons may be related or pressure Foreign Affairs. "
He concluded MP from Iraq that "the meetings called for by al-Maliki complementary to the National Congress in order to create the appropriate atmosphere for holding the conference, because the differences great between us and the rule of law, and the other between the Kurdistan Alliance and Maliki's coalition on the one hand and the central government on the other hand, as well as push and pull between the components of the alliance National resentment, especially with the Sadrists what they see as the dominance of one party on the political decision. "
In terms of the National Congress declared a member of the Preparatory Committee Ammar Tohme, that the Tripartite Commission meeting will be held on Sunday to prepare the agenda of the National Congress.
He said Tohme in a press statement: The Tripartite Commission, which commissioned the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference to prepare the agenda of the conference according to the structural vernacular that approved by the Preparatory will reach consensus on the agenda of the conference reconstituted and organization, adding that the Tripartite Commission held its meeting last Wednesday and will hold another meeting today Sunday.
The negotiator for the National: It is expected to complete the Preparatory Committee agenda to be submitted to the Preparatory Committee for approval and the search mechanism for its implementation and drawing treatments of topics and guarantees required for the implementation and formulation of solutions, stressing that the difficulty of deciding on the timing of the National Congress, because it depends on the completion of the work of the Preparatory Committee.
The MP for the Iraqi Ahmed electrodes had earlier announced an agreement had been at a meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference to hold a conference before the Arab summit, pointing to the formation of a sub-committee of the inside of the Preparatory Committee to prepare a working paper of the Conference.
Electrodes and said in a statement after the meeting of the Preparatory Committee yesterday: The agreement took place between the representatives of political groups represented on the Committee to hold a conference before holding the Arab summit, as was agreed that the Agreement shall be Erbil first and most important item of the paper and the National Congress.
The electrodes: It was agreed to implement the terms of the rest of Erbil, which have not been implemented and be the first item to the terms of a working paper of the Conference, and solve the political problems that took place after the formation of the government, expressing optimism about the success of the National Congress after the results of today's meeting.
He pointed out that the meeting concluded that the formation of structure of the Conference, and the formation of a sub-committee of the Preparatory Committee, to prepare a working paper of the Conference, saying: that the meeting stressed the need for the success of the National Congress, but they did not set a date for the conference, noting that the agreement guarantees held by the Arab Summit .