Slowed the Iraqi al-Maliki 72 hours to meet the demands and threaten to withdraw from the government
18/03/2012 14:05

Baghdad, March 18 (AKnews) - The Iraqi coalition, led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, on Sunday, has offered a formal request to the leader of a coalition of state law, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, giving him a period of 72 hours to Thblbah the demands of the Iraqi and otherwise will be to withdraw its ministers from the government. said Rep. for the coalition in Iraq Talal Zobaie told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "Iraq has given the government 72 hours to meet future demands of political and Bouklavha will be withdrawn and the ministers of the Iraqi government again," explaining that "the demands of the Iraqi summed up with four main themes which hold national meeting prior to the Arab Summit and the abolition of the law accountability, justice and speed up the enactment of the amnesty and the application of the terms of Arbil. " The Iraqi decided late last year suspended the presence of deputies and ministers meetings of both houses of parliament and ministers, to protest what it called a policy of marginalization and autocracy exercised by the government. He Zobaie by saying that "Iraq wants to develop an end to political procrastination exercised by the State of Law Coalition led by Maliki and if it does not meet our demands withdrawal of ministers of Iraq, this time may have withdrawal final "and" There are meaningful dialogues held with some parties to form a coalition representative again perhaps working toward a no-confidence from the current government " was Preparatory Committee for the national meeting had agreed at its last meeting to develop a structural overview of the agenda and the formation of a small committee to set the agenda, details from general restructuring that have been agreed upon.