Director of the Bank: Monetary Bloc Burdened the National Economy

Director of Rafidain branch of Muslim Ibn Aqeel in the governorate of Najaf that deleting zeros from Iraqi currency will contribute to support and stimulate economic activity in the country.

Abboud said Hussein asked reporter (News Agency news) Sunday: “block the national economy have cash to pay the Central Bank of Iraq to undertake a study of the economic situation ..

The study found the need to lift the zeros of Iraqi currency, especially since this process would contribute substantially to revitalize the national economy.

He noted: most countries adopted a policy of zeros from currency to stimulate its economy and lift currency exchange rate dealing.

And counting Hussein opening banks in Iraq, good step in the right direction as long as they are under the control of the Central Bank of Iraq.

By another recognized Director of Rafidain branch of Muslim Ibn Aqeel to delays in the process of granting advances to staff because of the procedures followed by State banks in the country including the Rafidain and Rashid banks, he said that these actions were to ensure the right of the State and non-governmental banks confuse.