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Reveals his advisor for "news": Maliki will hold meetings with political leaders to resolve the crisis .. And convulsions were removed with al-Issawi
On: Friday 16/03/2012 12:35

Baghdad (news) .. revealed adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Abdul Halim Zuhairi for close encounters be held Wazzra President Nuri al-Maliki with the political leaders to resolve the crisis, stressing that the Finance Minister and leader of the Iraqi List, Rafie al-Issawi expressed a willingness to resolve outstanding issues.

He said Zuhairi (of the Agency news) on Friday: that al-Maliki sought to resolve the political crisis by calling for the political leaders of various political blocs reached a consensus and resolve the crisis, noting that al-Maliki awaiting President Jalal Talabani on his return to Baghdad to activate the meetings and a meeting of the three presidencies, to discuss all issues.

He said Sheikh Zhbera: that al-Maliki is the owner of the idea of ​​meeting or national conference, and tries to activate his idea in a new condition of developing the idea of ​​al-Maliki, revealing the readiness of the Iraqi leader and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi to solve political problems.

He said, took place between Maliki and al-Issawi talk quickly about the crisis, and the need to be resolved during accompany him to Kuwait, where he expressed his willingness to solve problems Issawi by holding bilateral meetings Awajtmaat, and promised that he would speak to Iraqi leaders to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties.

The Adviser to the Prime Minister: that al-Maliki Badawah welcomed the dialogue and the holding of bilateral meetings hospitality, indicating the following: that the atmosphere between Maliki and al-Issawi has become more positive, and removed most of the tensions between the two parties.

He expected Zuhairi: Maliki confirms that during the meetings or the upcoming meetings to resolve the crisis and the interior and defense ministers, and some of the issues resolved quickly.
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