Krplaúaon demand to hold the National Congress before the Arab Summit

03/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
(Rn), called for citizens and politicians in the province of Karbala on Thursday, the need to accelerate the political blocs in the country to hold a national conference before the Arab summit to resolve problems and disputes that would weaken Iraq's position and status of Arab. said Mahmoud Abdul-Ali (53 years), told the Kurdish News (Rn), "waiting for Iraq in the coming days, a big event represented by holding them for the Arab summit, but the survival of the political differences between the blocks in the country would weaken his position and show the picture distorted in front of his Arab counterparts." and added that "the National Congress before the Arab Summit is required and must be achieved sooner to eliminate the differences and problems between the political blocs that must be aware of the seriousness of their differences and put the interests of the Iraqi people in mind. " He continued by saying that "the Iraqi politicians are not thinking only their personal interests and provoking the differences among themselves and forget the public interest of the people and the country, and they immediately resolve their differences and unite their rhetoric and their position on the political at the Arab summit in Baghdad. " For his part, sees the citizen Abu Saif Al Ameri (47 years) that the "survival of the problems and differences between the political blocs would weaken the position of Iraq in the Arab Summit and will be the only loser." He continued (Rn) that "all Iraqis hope for the best in the Arab summit in their country and will be reflected on their future next, but the survival of political differences and not to accelerate the national conference was held between the political blocs will only Balthlkh and the dire consequences for the country and this is not what we hope . " while noting that teaching Siham Abdel Rasoul out that "the Iraqi politicians who represent the people that listen to their demands for the mass and unify their position and their word not to leave to raise the problems that will worsen day by day. " and completed her (Rn) that "the National Convention at the earliest time will work to resolve the outstanding problems between the political blocs and united position the country before the Arab summit, and this popular demand We hope that our politicians do. " and between the citizen Abu Corporation (31 years), that "living political blocs with each other to solve their problems is not difficult and will return the people's trust in politicians who have made ​​a Bouklavathm huge gap and lack of confidence in the country . " He's (Rn), addressing the politicians, "Let your differences aside and were interested in the fate of this poor people who Oouselkm to the helm of government," explaining that "the hope of Iraqis a large holding of the National Congress and to correct significant errors committed by the politicians against their own people." For his part, called on member Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Habib Terminal is the other political blocs in the country "to speed up the National Conference and sit around a table of dialogue and understanding to resolve the outstanding problems between them." and stressed the terminal in his statement (Rn) "the need to resolve the political blocs to their differences and end the country's problems with the neighbors in order to deliver a good message to the Arab summit. " is due the Arab summit in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, in the (29) of this month, but the survival of political disputes will weaken the position of Iraq in front of its Arab neighbors. From: Ali Jubouri, the Open: Joseph Karwan

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